The earliest information available is that in 1788 the farm was most likely owned by Benjamin Lowry. The earliest Chestnutt currently found on record living at Calhame is Thomas Lyons Chestnutt born in 1834. He was the son of Robert Chestnutt and Fanny (Lyons). Their other children were William, Margaret Jane and Mary (birth dates unknown), Thomas Lyons (born 1834), Elizabeth (born 1839), Matilda (born 1846) and James (born about 1856). Thomas married Margaret McShane, William married Mary Jane McConaghie, Margaret married William Neil, Mary married Samuel Grey, Thomas married Margaret McShane, Elizabeth married John Biggart, Matilda married William Leslie and James married Nancy Jane Patterson.

The descendants of James and Nancy continued to live at Calhame until the mid 1980's
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