Finding the "Wee Grey Fergie"

I suppose when I first saw her I was only just a wean,
When my Granda's wee Grey Fergy was buzzing roon CALHAME
Compared to tractors today she would only be a toy
But 50 years ago she was our pride and joy,

She didn't have it easy back then when things were rough
But my granda's wee Grey Fergy no doubt was very tough
She ploughed many an acre and dug many a drill
I remember seeing her go flat out as she attended the threshing mill,

I have many happy memories of Fergy in the moss
And chugging home up Ternpletons brae her smoke it made us cough
But time has passed so swiftly and granda passed away
The wee farm it was sold and our Fergy was towed away.

When I thought of that wee Fergy I wondered where she was at
Did somebody take and cut her up and sell her off as scrap
For 50 years has quickly passed and things don't stay the same
Since my granda's wee Grey Fergy was buzzing roon CALHAME.

Then one day in the paper an auction was advertised
I thought I'd go and have a look, sometimes you can get a surprise
For over in the corner a Fergy stood alone, I smiled as I wondered
What my wife would say if I took that wee doll home.

Then the owner he came over, and we had a chat
I pointed out she was very rough and her tyres were bald and flat
He then pulled out the log book and showed me the last owners name
I nearly had a fit when I read CHESTNUTT from CALHAME.

Was this our wee lost Fergy from all those years ago
I had to take a closer look and inspected her quite slow
This was our wee lost Fergy, I remembered when I was a wean
Working on my granda's farm and buzzing roon CALHAME.

I had to get this tractor even if I had to get a loan
For she really meant a lot to me now Fergy was coming home
Soon the bidding started, my stomach started churning
And my knees began to creak.

But I kept the bidding going till everyone dropped out
When the auctioneer dropped the hammer I nearly gave a shout
For I bought my granda's tractor and really felt quite glad
I took her home and told my wife and she said I think you're mad

But soon she'll be looking pretty
And on the bonnet the CHESTNUTT name
And you might even see her buzzing
Along the roads out roon CALHAME.

Some words you might not know

wean . "wee one" (child)
roon .. around
drill .. furrow used to plant potatoes
moss . bog where peats (turf) are cut
brae small hill
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