My Granny's

Many years ago, when I was just a wane,
I spent my happiest days, at my Granny's in Calhame
Life then was very simple, when people then were poor,
But I loved my time at my Granny’s, And looking o'er her wee half dure
When she got up in the morning, at the crack of dawn
My Granny lit the fire, then stuck the kettle on
Now my Granny's fire was different, than the one's you'd see of late

For my Granny's fire was massive, it was known then as a grate
Then there was the crook, with four or five big chains
There she hung her pot that was hea ted by tbe flames
Now the biggest: chain was large, and hung fair in the middle
It was the one my Granny used, to hang her massive griddle
Now on my Granny's griddle, was soda bread and fadge
Dozen's of pancakes, some small and some were large

Now my Granny never stopped, washing and making lay
How she ever managed, who would do it today?
The people of today, have everything at hand
Everything’s automatic, and their houses are very grand
Yet they’re always very busy, and never take the time
To call upon their neighbour, to see if all is fine
Things now are very different, than when people they had less

One point is worthwhile making, back then you had no stress
We've got all these new diseases, Aids and CJD
The livestock have foot and mouth, and some have BSE
There's trouble in every country, and people are depressed
I think of my wee Granny, her time it was the best
But perhaps we're moving on, towards that final day
When God will send His Son, to take His people away
But if only we could go back, to the days when people were poor
I’d stand with my wee Granny, and gape oer her wee half dure
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